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Banksy Print Value

Q1 2021 Print Value report

Q1 has been another record-setting period for the Banksy market. Volumes have again increased exponentially, while print pricing dynamics have changed significantly. In our latest report we would like to share some of the latest trends.

Note: Christie’s April 1st results have been included to March results in this report, according to original auction closing date

Banksy Print Index up +4% in 2021 Q1

Record-breaking sales volumes in 2021 Q1

Forum Auctions is leader in volume; Sotheby’s leads in performance

A major trend in past 6 months has been a reversal in signed/unsigned value ratio

Iconic signed prints performed well; these were mostly 2020 low-performers or prints rarely seen at auction

Q1 has shown that price deviations from historical values tend to correct back over time