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Banksy Print Value: Originals

Banksy Originals Index (BOI) aims to track and provide transparency on pricing of Banksy originals. The focus is on editions and series where prices are comparable. The index and the database are currently in "beta" phase.

Banksy Originals Index (BOI)
Banksy Originals Index (BOI) is a blended index based on realized auction prices of selected Banksy originals (primarily focused on editions and series). The impact of each original on the index is weighted by its relative value. This can be used to judge overall market momentum. Furthermore, a "GWB index" represents the performance of BOI relative to a value of Banksy unsigned Girl with Balloon in order to judge relative performance or originals against iconic prints.
Banksy Originals Index (BOI): 1896pts
Banksy Originals GWB Index (GWB Index): 131pts

Originals Database
Artwork name / category Type Last sold Last price Value (auto) Value (expert range) GWB index
Abe LincolnVaried series25/11/2018159347675000£400k - £650k
6x - 9.75x
Amoured CarSeries28/2/2017130104750000£350k-£500k
5.25x - 7.5x
Avon And Somerset ConstabularyEdition of 101/4/20192903071200000£500k-£750k
7.5x - 11.25x
BadmeaninggoodEdition of 426/3/2021277200300000£275k-£350k
4.25x - 5.25x
BarcodeVaried series29/6/20161585002325000£500k-£750k
7.5x - 11.25x
Bronze RatEdition of 1010/7/2020193144250000£200k-£350k
3x - 5.25x
Che on SkatesSeries2/12/2020704172625000£500k-£750k
7.5x - 11.25x
ChoppersVaried series4/10/20185706522425000£500k-£1000k
7.5x - 15.25x
CopperVaried series20/4/2021350500425000£350k-£550k
5.25x - 8.25x
Everytime I Make Love To YouVaried series26/5/20193055881725000£400k-£600k
6x - 9x
Girl With Balloon (Diptych)Edition of 2513/10/2012468501650000£1500k-£2250k
22.75x - 34x
Girl With Balloon ed.25Edition of 257/3/20183447501475000£1250k-£1750k
19x - 26.5x
Grappling HookEdition of 2619/9/201993750325000£275k-£350k
4.25x - 5.25x
Heavy Weaponry ed.10Edition of 108/10/2020471062475000£350k-£425k
5.25x - 6.5x
Heavy Weaponry ed.25Edition of 2530/3/2021275000300000£225k-£275k
3.5x - 4.25x
Keep it Real (small canvas)Varied series30/3/20218908001000000£650k-£900k
9.75x - 13.5x
Kids on GunsEdition of 252/7/201468500n/a£500k-£750k
7.5x - 11.25x
Laugh NowVaried series18/6/202116443002225000£800k-£2000k
12x - 30.25x
Laugh Now ed.5Edition of 511/2/201587500n/a£600k-£800k
9x - 12x
Lenin on Rollerblades ed.25Edition of 2516/10/201352500n/a£300k-£450k
4.5x - 6.75x
London, New York, BristolEdition of 109/12/2020312750275000£325k-£375k
5x - 5.75x
Mona LisaSeries24/6/20197312502550000£1250k-£2000k
19x - 30.25x
Monkey DetonatorVaried series3/12/2020516857475000£500k-£800k
7.5x - 12x
Mosquito ed.25Edition of 256/10/2018106250450000£350k-£500k
5.25x - 7.5x
22.75x -
Paranoid PicturesEdition of 258/10/20161125001350000£350k-£500k
5.25x - 7.5x
Playmate of the MonthVaried series27/6/2018187500800000£400k-£600k
6x - 9x
PoliceVaried series3/10/20195550621350000£850k-£1200k
12.75x - 18.25x
Precision Bombing ed.10Edition of 1013/10/201221250n/a£350k-£425k
5.25x - 6.5x
Sid ViciousVaried series25/10/201390136n/a£400k-£600k
6x - 9x
Text based imageVaried series18/6/2021245500325000£275k-£375k
4.25x - 5.75x
ThrowerVaried series23/6/20218495001150000£800k-£2500k
12x - 37.75x
WatchtowerEdition of 1521/11/201620912125000£100k-£150k
1.5x - 2.25x
Winnie the PoohEdition of 252/7/201456250n/a£350k-£500k
5.25x - 7.5x