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Banksy Print Value

Upcoming Auctions

Print name Auction Date Edition Auction estimate Our expert estimate Link
CushionsHeritage Auctions28/07/2021Open editionn/aGo ►
Bomb HuggerChristie's07/07/2021Unsigned£ 50000-70000Go ►
Grannies (POW)Christie's07/07/2021Unsigned£ 45000-55000Go ►
Nola (Multicolor Rain)Christie's02/07/2021AP£ 200000-300000Go ►
Soup CanSBI Art Auction04/07/2021SignedJPY5000000-8000000Go ►
Morons (POW)SBI Art Auction04/07/2021UnsignedJPY3000000-5000000Go ►
I Fought The LawSBI Art Auction04/07/2021UnsignedJPY2000000-3000000Go ►
London New York Bristol (Monkey)Christie's02/07/2021Original£ 500000-700000Go ►
Subject to AvailabilityChristie's02/07/2021Unique£ 3000000-5000000Go ►
Love Is In The Air (with stars)Christie's30/06/2021Original£ 1500000-2000000Go ►
Donuts (Chocolate)Menzies30/06/2021SignedAUD100000-150000Go ►
Very Little HelpsMenzies30/06/2021SignedAUD90000-120000Go ►
Nola (White Rain)Bonhams29/06/2021Signed£ 70000-100000Go ►
Pulp FictionBonhams29/06/2021Signed£ 70000-100000Go ►
Trolleys (Color POW)Bonhams29/06/2021Signed£ 30000-50000Go ►
Laugh NowBonhams29/06/2021Signed£ 70000-100000Go ►
Monkey QueenBonhams29/06/2021Signed£ 40000-60000Go ►
Flag (Silver)Bonhams29/06/2021Signed£ 50000-70000Go ►
I Fought The LawBonhams29/06/2021Unsigned£ 15000-20000Go ►
Girl With BalloonBonhams29/06/2021Unsigned£ 120000-180000Go ►
Love Is In The AirBonhams29/06/2021Unsigned£ 60000-80000Go ►
Girl With Balloon (canvas)Sotheby's29/06/2021Canvas£ 1000000-1500000Go ►
Laugh Now (metal)Sotheby's29/06/2021Unique£ 2500000-3500000Go ►
Love Is In The AirBonhams29/06/2021Unsigned£ 60000-80000Go ►
Girl With BalloonBonhams29/06/2021Unsigned£ 120000-180000Go ►
I Fought The LawBonhams29/06/2021Unsigned£ 15000-20000Go ►
Applause (POW)Tate Ward24/06/2021Unsigned£ 25000-35000Go ►
CND SoldiersTate Ward24/06/2021Unsigned£ 30000-35000Go ►
NapalmTate Ward24/06/2021Unsigned£ 30000-40000Go ►
Soup CanTate Ward24/06/2021Unsigned£ 30000-40000Go ►
Sale Ends (V2)Tate Ward24/06/2021Signed£ 35000-45000Go ►
Welcome To HellTate Ward24/06/2021Unsigned£ 35000-45000Go ►
Get Out While You CanTate Ward24/06/2021Unsigned£ 35000-45000Go ►
BarcodeTate Ward24/06/2021Unsigned£ 40000-60000Go ►
Flying CopperTate Ward24/06/2021Unsigned£ 40000-60000Go ►
Rude CopperTate Ward24/06/2021Unsigned£ 40000-60000Go ►
I Fought The LawTate Ward24/06/2021Signed£ 45000-55000Go ►
Love RatTate Ward24/06/2021Unsigned£ 50000-70000Go ►
Donuts (Strawberry)Tate Ward24/06/2021Signed£ 50000-80000Go ►
Grannies (POW)Tate Ward24/06/2021Signed£ 65000-85000Go ►
Jack and JillTate Ward24/06/2021Signed£ 65000-85000Go ►
Because I'm WorthlessTate Ward24/06/2021Signed£ 75000-85000Go ►
Love RatTate Ward24/06/2021Signed£ 90000-110000Go ►
Love Is In The AirTate Ward24/06/2021Signed£ 200000-250000Go ►
Bomb Middle EnglandCapitolium Art24/06/2021Unsigned€ 22000-28000Go ►
Fallen AngelSotheby's24/06/2021Unique£ 650000-850000Go ►
Tortoise HelmetSotheby's24/06/2021Original£ 350000-500000Go ►
Gangsta Rat PeacePhillips24/06/2021Unique$ 500000-700000Go ►
Love Is In The Air (canvas)Phillips23/06/2021Canvas$ 1000000-1500000Go ►
Grannies (POW)Sotheby's22/06/2021UnsignedHKD50000-90000Go ►
Napalm (not clear if authentic)Berkeley Auction House21/06/2021Unsigned€ 30000-40000Go ►
I Fought The Law (not clear if authentic)Berkeley Auction House21/06/2021Unsigned€ 30000-40000Go ►
Golf Sale (not clear if authentic)Berkeley Auction House21/06/2021Unsigned€ 6000-8000Go ►
Many drink to forget…Sotheby's16/06/2021OriginalHKD2000000-3000000Go ►
Laugh Now But One Day We'll Be in ChargeSotheby's16/06/2021CanvasHKD6200000-9300000Go ►
Bomb HuggerPhillips14/06/2021Signed£ 94500Go ►
Happy ChoppersPhillips14/06/2021Unsigned£ 48600Go ►
Laugh NowPhillips14/06/2021Signed£ 162000Go ►
Love RatPhillips14/06/2021Signed£ 101250Go ►
Weston Super MarePhillips14/06/2021Unsigned£ 17550Go ►