Temporary offer: We are currently interested in buying most Banksy prints/canvases for approximately auction price level minus fees (i.e. what the seller would get). We can do an immediate deal. Please contact contact@banksy-value.com

Banksy Print Value

Upcoming Auctions

Print name Auction Date Edition Auction estimate Our expert estimate Link
Morons (Sepia)Polygon Auctions12/07/2020SignedHKD60000-100000£ 30000-35000Go ►
Jack and JillBonhams10/07/2020SignedHKD120000-220000£ 30000-35000Go ►
Bronze RatSotheby's11/07/2020UniqueHKD1000000-2000000£ 30000-35000Go ►
Radar Rat uniqueSotheby's11/07/2020UniqueHKD800000-1500000£ 30000-35000Go ►