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Banksy Print Value
Rude Copper - Signed

Auction sales (incl. BP)
Value Insights
Print value (auto) £60000 - £100500
Print value (exp) £50000 - £75000
Last avg price £11000
# sold since '08 1
# sold since '18 0

Latest auction transactions
Date sold Date sold Edition Sold price (incl. fees) Source Details
39,870 26/02/2009 Signed 11000 Barnebys Banksy (British, b.1975) Rude Copper, 2002 Hand finished Screenprint Signed and numbered 15 in pen lower right 57cm x 41cm Please note this lot may be subject to Droite de Suite Provenance: Santa's Ghetto Dragon Bar, 2002 Authenticated by Pest Control Office Rude Copper was the first commercial print that Banksy produced, originally an unsigned edition Run, printed by Screen One, Paul WestonÆs infamous print house in Bristol. In 2002 an extremely rare, hand finished and signed further run of app