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Banksy Print Value
Choose Your Weapon (100 edition) - Signed

Auction sales (incl. BP)
Value Insights
Print value (auto) £45125 - £45875
Print value (exp) £40000 - £45000
Last avg price £42018
# sold since '08 4
# sold since '18 3

Latest auction transactions
Date sold Date sold Edition Sold price (incl. fees) Source Details
43,963 12/05/2020 Signed 44220 Tate Ward Auctions Banksy (British 1974-), 'Choose Your Weapon (Grey)', 2010, screen print in colours on wove paper, signed and numbered from an edition of 100, published by Pictures On Walls; sheet: 70 x 70cm ARR Notes: Pest Control Certificate Of Authenticity Pending Original Order Email and Email Correspondence from Pest Control Present
43,930 09/04/2020 Signed 39816 Artnet ed.36/100
43,180 21/03/2018 Signed 40200 Forum Auctions Screenprint in colours, 2010, signed and numbered from the edition of 100 in crayon, on wove paper, printed and published by Pictures on Walls, London, with full margins, 700 x 700mm (27 1/2 x 27 1/2in) (unframed) This work is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity issued by Pest Control Office.
42,126 02/05/2015 Signed 9817 Sotheby's Grey